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Square #65-otherspace, Soloshow, Chelyabinsk, Russia

19.10.-9.11.2023, Art Flow Chelyabinsk

My Solo Photo-Exhibition "Square #65-otherspace" This project embody my feelings and experiences. Through photography I deal with a very personal experience of grief and loss. Feeling of externality, how your world is stagnant, but the world around goes on. “Life is like game of chess, and suddenly you find yourself in Square #65

"Square #65 – Other Space "

My mind ties me up, shrivels and turns inward. I am captivated in my own thoughts, and I cannot find the path in or out.This time in the minds of the mind in other space gives the keys a way out. Talking with oneself takes me into silence.

It gives rise to internal peace, way to the new world. Exiting internal shackles and fears requires acceptance of my own truth and vulnerability. Courage once again exposes itself to world insecurity.

Art Flow/SpacePlaceOne Gallery 64 Prospekt Sverdlovskiy, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia Welcome to opening Oct 19 at 10am - 8 pm

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