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"tHe bIrDmAn"... wHaT iS tHe sToRy...

“Sometimes I think how hollow my perception of the world is, what I actually see and how blind I'm to things that surround me. What do you see than outlines! Do you stop and wonder: What is the story......”

Sometimes we see people and situations as bystanders, not thinking “What is behind the story….”

Who he is and what he is thinking, why is he here and feeding the birds? You can only guess the story

or make it yourself. What has happened, who is the person, his feelings, fears, happy thoughts and his history…..I would like to know….. What is the story of the white silhouette……?

Do you want to write the story with me?

I’m collecting stories all over the world to make a story of “tHe bIrDmAn”. Send me your version of the story .

The best stories will be published in a book. It will be interesting to have stories from different cultural, age and social backgrounds. How different will the stories be…! If you want to send your story or poem:

Maximum length 3-5000 words (2-4 x A4) in preferably in English, but any language is accepted. If you want to include some of your photos or other material send I'll contact you by email. (Offensive stories are not accepted). Please indicate your name, nationality, occupation, age, contact email for further contact.

I will reserve all rights to the stories and pictures in upcoming book (ohterwise the author have their copyright on their material). Each writer of a story or poem which will end up in the book will receive one copy free of charge and their name indicated in the book. Send your stories online here.

Waiting for your interesting stories and poems !!

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