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SELF PORTRAITS – Inner Feelings , International Art Festival

17.6.–27.6.2015 – Venice, Italy

Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Cannaregio 4132 – 30121 Venice, Italy- VENICE ART HOUSE Gallery, Cannaregio 1863C – 30121 Venice, Italy, More info My video-book Project "The Birdman"...What is the story.... is shown in this event. Feel free to join my bookproject and write your story of Birdman on my website.

SELF PORTRAITS – Inner Feelings analyzes the singular, boundless world inside each one of us; the ways it can be expressed and how its continuous becoming can be freezed in a steel image. Expressing a momentary state of mind or an eternal emotions, a self portrait captures and externalizes the inner life, creating a deep connection with our exterior realities and slightly modifying them.

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